Some leads already in the search for 50 unknown women

Soon after taking a look at the photos released by LA County Sheriffs Department of 50 unknown women possibly linked to convicted killer William Richard Bradford, crime blogger Steve Huff may have identified one of the women:

According to the sites like the Doe Network and the Charley Project, Theresa Elizabeth Baxter, age 38, vanished in early June of 1977. She was 38 at the time, and there are few details available, other than the recurring statement that her disappearance was suspicious, and she disappeared from Huntington Beach, CA, specifically.

Huff points out that he can’t be certain, but the similarities between the women (side by side comparison above from Huff’s blog) are indeed interesting.

In the meantime, other matches may have also been made (details after the jump).

CBS2 reports that among numerous tips pouring in to identify the women, some have come from people claiming to be the ones in the photos. Other results have turned up to be not so positive:

One, Number 28 on the display, was identified as Donnalee Campbell Duhamel, 31, whose decapitated body was found in a Malibu canyon in 1978 a few days after meeting Bradford at a bar. (source:

Police also say that they’ve also determined that some of the women are Bradford’s ex-wives.