Rock Star Mayor?

So I just read this “expose” about how needy the mayor is as far as his requirements for food and drink on the LAT website that stemmed from a supposed leaked memo called “Staffing the Mayor” and I had to query my wife about the time a few months back when she served and met him at a banquet at the fine dining establishment she works at. According to her, MAV was very nice and cordial and took the time to meet her despite the fact the she is just “the help”. She specifically recalls how low maintenance he was, although he did arrive late and leave early. He took coffee and made no mention of requiring green tea with 4 packets of splenda or a to go box. As to his choice of entree, she doesn’t recall, but there was no request for a low-carb option. I’m sure the treatment requirements differ if you are staff as opposed to a restaurant employee, but is this leaked memo really news?

2 thoughts on “Rock Star Mayor?”

  1. Brian is right – nothing terribly unusual in his “demands”, even when compared to many film producers who have similar guides for their assistants.

    But is it news? Its silly news, but considering Mayor V will likely make a run for the White House within the next decade or so, I think almost anything about how he works should be considered news.

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