Ricardo Legorreta in LA

I took a day trip to San Francisco last week to attend the UC Regents Meeting held at the still-in-construction UCSF-Mission Bay campus (what UC campus is not currently under construction?).

When I entered the Community Center, I told the other students with me that the building felt familiar and reminded me of the Tom Bradley International Center on the UCLA Campus. Both buildings are bathed in bright colors and natural lights streams in through huge windows. I wondered if they were designed by the same architect.

I later found that I was right. The Community Center and the Bradley Center are just two of 100 or so buildings designed by Ricardo Legorreta, a famous Mexican architect.

I checked out the Flickr tags for both Ricardo Legorreta/Legorreta and took virtual trips throughout Mexico and the Southwest US. Legorreta has designed libraries, musems and other buildings in Texas, California and Illinois.

I never drew the links between the Tom Bradley International Center at UCLA, Pershing Square and the bright blue building at the corner of Motor Avenue and Palms Boulevard. It turns out that Legorreta has an office in my neighborhood. Legorreta also designed Ricardo Montalb√°n’s Hollywood home in 1985, but I couldn’t find any photos of the house, just as I couldn’t find a decent photo of the Bradley Center. Oh well, there’s more than enough photos of Pershing Square and other Legorreta buildings on Flickr.

Pershing Square photo by Flaxter

3 thoughts on “Ricardo Legorreta in LA”

  1. Nothing against your appreciation of Legorreta, but I look forward to the day when the “It Came From The ’80s” number he did on Pershing Square (in 1994 no less!) is dismantled and that landmark stretch of civic open space is given the extreme makeover it deserves.

  2. I can feel you on that Will. I wonder if he was the same jackass behind the eyesore @ Santa Monica & Vermont. That intersection/area is visually unstimulating enough. A few yearsback when they added the monstrous but thoroughly rotten sculpture above the entrance the metro line’s escalator I could have cried. What does that have in common with the neighborhood? What is it? Why not plant some trees or something??

    I am all for someone starting a dismantlement thread!

  3. I have the experience of having worked inside Bradley Hall and see Pershing Square everyday. I didn’t know they were built by the same guy. Obviously, like Frank Gehry, Legoretta has a schtick and it involves large slab of blocks with rough stucco-like textures usually in just one color. Is it a coincidence that his last name starts with Lego?

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