Oh Blogger, Where Art Thou?

The always insightful LA City Nerd brought a word of concern along with his praise for the new and improved LA Observed in a post entitled “LA Observed expands to most of the City”:

I’m slightly frustrated that there is so little digital media coming from certain parts of the City. I would argue that Silver Lake, Echo Park, Atwater Village, Los Feliz, Downtown and Hollywood are well-covered….

…with the Exception of the one or two blogs down in San Pedro and the few on the West Side Coastal Communities, few posts come from folks south of the Rosa Parks/Christopher Columbus/10 Freeway (or those just north like Pico-Union).

A daily visit to the LA Observed eliminated my need to read the LA Times long ago, but the City Nerd’s point is especially well taken when you see that Roderick and company are covering the newspaper drama up in Santa Barbara, but don’t give a lot of attention to large chunks of our city.

But Observed can’t be criticized alone. Here at blogging.la we’ve had multiple posts regarding Comic-Con 120 miles and two counties away in San Diego, and frequently indulge in Metroblogging Orange County’s territory of Disneyland.

I also noticed that on his personal site LAist editor Tony Pierce is considering soliciting non-Los Angeles based writers:

the hits are good at LAist but they could be better. plus id like a few more writers. im not even sure they need to live in LA. people shouldnt be punished just because they dont chill in the 323. (from the Busblog)

Is this a sign that LA bloggers have oversaturated the market, or do we (as writers and readers) just need to look a further out than our local ‘hood?

I know a few days ago Sean put a call out for other LA writers to add to our own blog roll, but are there really only a handful of bloggers from South LA? Are there any East LA bloggers out there… perhaps even blogging en Espanol? And if gangbangers are indeed swiping laptops from local coffee shops, are there any South Central bloggers or writers from other underrepresented area of Los Angeles?

7 thoughts on “Oh Blogger, Where Art Thou?”

  1. There is hardly any way to saturate the blogging market in Los Angeles – there’s enough new content for every person here! And while I think extending beyond Los Angeles city proper (Orange County, Santa Barbara, Long Beach, etc.) is normal, only because those are places many Angelenos directly experience on more than a one-time basis, having people from outside that sphere is dangerous. I mean, do we really want New Yorkers blogging about Los Angeles? In my art world experience, and I think this translates into everyday experience, is that people who live outside of Los Angeles generally don’t get what it’s about. All that said, could there be more bloggers and blogging from different parts of the city? Hell yes – bring it on!

  2. ditto – my hubby and I will be moving to Thousand Oaks/Calabasas soon for his job. Maybe I should look into getting darleeneisms.vc? lol

  3. I live in souh LA, and frequent OC and SB. But I have yet to start a blog. One of these days…

  4. A quick glance at all Top 100 X (where x = restaurants, bars, people, etc) illustrates your point just fine. Life ends at the 10 and the 110 goes no further south than downtown.

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