MSN Travel for Stalkers

The MicroSoft Network (MSN) has been producing little travel guides for a while now, and their newest on about LA is the Top 15 Places to Spot Celebs in L.A.. It’s nothing new location wise, Runyon Canyon, The Newsroom Cafe, Gelsons, etc but what is interesting is their breakdown of exactly which celebs you expect to find in these locations.

“Rexall Drugs: Just your average corner chain drugstore, except this one is well known throughout L.A. as the place to go for drugstore-brand cosmetics. On any given day, keep your eyes peeled for the likes of Drew Barrymore, Sarah Michelle Geller, Courtney Love, Jodie Foster, Rose McGowan and more, all searching for the right shade of lipstick. 8490 Beverly Blvd.”

So, the question of the moment, is how many PR flacks were involved with writing this guide? I’m definitely getting the feeling publicists were questioned and competed for a mention in this thing. Puke.

One thought on “MSN Travel for Stalkers”

  1. I think the authors and MSN are trying to appeal to a young(ish), Web savvy audience — probably the types who relate best to Drew, Sarah, Courtney, etc.

    Plus, the places and businesses listed tend to draw from the city’s affluent neighborhoods.

    Double plus, I get the impression that the celebs who are referenced WANT to be seen. C’mon, no A, B or C lister dines at The Ivy hoping to escape their fans and paparazzi.

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