More Smith Bashing From Finke

I wrote the other day about how loco local writer Nikki Finke was trashing Clerks 2 and not like you’d expect, saying it was full of dick jokes and junk, but saying it was a box office failure. I pointed out then that it made twice the budget opening weekend which is hardly failure in anyone’s book, but who really cares anyway since I really liked it and everyone should know by now that Hollywood decides what is up based on my whims. Anyway, she’s at it again. This time she’s all pissed about a MySpace contest that got some peoples names in the credits, or rather, tacked on at the end of the credits. It’s not like they got “best boy” or “gaffer” credits, although it would rocked if they had been titled “not quite as good as best boy”. Kevin Smith responded on his own blog, of course. And did so without calling her crazy.

One thought on “More Smith Bashing From Finke”

  1. She’s just lame. What the hell is she worried about…that the second assistant accountant is going to feel slighted that his or her name is sharing some screen time with some winner of myspace. Or that the additional film loader’s name might not make the cut because of too many credits going over the alloted amount of film (its a tight budget!). Apparently and according to kevin smith, no one from the guild had a problem with it. She probably feels inadequate because she isn’t on anyone’s top 8.

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