Garbage Out, Garbage In

If you’re one of the 11 councilpersons who voted yesterday to raise my trash tax — oops, I mean “residential refuse collection fee” — I just want to thank you. See I may be one of the few, but I reeeeally can’t wait to go from paying the current $11 per month to have my ashes hauled all the way up to $28 by 2010. 255% increases rock!

And all to add a relatively insignificant number of police officers to a force that will still be critically undermanned. Damn, but don’t I feel safer already! Especially since my 911 calls will get priority now right? Riiigggght?

So you go ahead and preach to those cheapskates in disagreement until you’re blue in the face about how necessary it is and how there was no other way, but don’t worry about me. Sole dissenter Councilman Greig Smith may be the local hero to those skinflints for calling for more transparent dialogue on the issue, but I say he’s just talking trash.

9 thoughts on “Garbage Out, Garbage In”

  1. hey, don’t go giving greig a pass, he still voted for the tax. and that is what it is, a tax. a fee increase would have to go toward increased costs of trash collection, if the $$ go for another use, it is a tax. so technically, this was an illegal taxation since there was no vote on on it. why has no one sued the city council yet? it amazes me.

    taxation without representation blows.

  2. Actually Smith’s not so much guilty of voting for the tax as letting it slide. According to the Times brief Greig Smith voted against it “in the council’s budget panel but later voted for the full budget.”

  3. Perhaps the greatest abuse I see in the sanitaxation (sic) system here is how apartments and houses are unproportionately charged.
    My meager little 500 square foot apartment pays exactly HALF the rate of any house, be it 1200, 2500, or 25000 square feet.
    Help me out here- am I generating half the garbage of those monstrosities? I didn’t think so…

  4. does it take less time to pick up a standard garbage can from your little apartment? i didn’t think so…

    and FYI, there are a set number of containers that are included in a standard trash fee. if you generate more trash and need another black can for your big ass 25000 square foot house, you pay extra. if you need more than 90 gallons of green waste container, you pay extra. you DO get all the blue can you want for free though.

    and i would bet you don’t actually have a regular can. i get it. i am surprised though, i didn’t think the city actually took out trash from apartment buildings. my experience was that it was contracted for from a private company. i’d guess they can charge whatever they want anyway.

  5. taxation without representation?

    you WERE represented. you can have a problem with it and vote them out if you want, but for real taxation without representation complaints please see: Columbia, District of.

  6. no cd, we were NOT. and DC or pedro or whatever is irrelevant. this should have required, and hopefully will be recinded until, a vote on it. are you always represented by our elected officials, even when they do something illegal? i am arguing no, the illegality sort of voids that feel-good relationship. to me at least.

    DC is a 3000+ mile away red herring. is does suck to be them though…

  7. How do you figure you weren’t represented? Maybe your particular views weren’t represented, but that is hardly the definition of representative democracy. Your elected representatives voted for this as provided under the charter. Simple. I’m betting they figure that very few city councilmembers have ever been voted out of office for hiring more police.

  8. Yeah, I don’t get your response. I get Jason’s though. What illegality are you alleging? Your post is all about the 11 councilmembers who voted for something. *Voted for* something. So can you explain your response to my comment more fully?

    and when did I mention pedro in my comment? i didn’t see any mention of pedro . . . .

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