Conservation Made a “Big Difference” this Week


It’s somewhat of an simple assumption to make but my Flex Your Power e-newsletter informed me that the California Independent System Operator made a statement on Tuesday that California’s energy conservation during this weekend and Monday actually helped.

To help ease demand on the grid on Monday, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger directed state agencies, and urged local governments and universities, to reduce electricity use by 25% by turning off unnecessary lights and equipment. After CAISO declared a “Stage Two” (called when the minimum operating reserve level falls below 5%; CAISO calls on “interruptible” programs operated by the utilities) emergency, businesses participating in load-shifting programs were called on to reduce power use by a predetermined amount in exchange for lower rates.

Even as the state shattered electricity demand records, CAISO credits conservation with easing demand. On Sunday, July 23, CAISO reported that, “the amount of conservation received during the peak periods has been making a tremendous difference.” On Monday, July 24, CAISO said that “conservation is making a difference,” and thanked consumers and businesses for helping keep the lights on.

Southern California residents are still encouraged to conserve energy – you know the drill.

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