Very Brief Power Failure

On the way home from the club on Sunday I was telling my friends to stay cool tomorrow and enjoy the AC if the power stayed on. I was trying to anti-jynx myself, but yesterday around noon the power went off here in Downtown. It came back on in a few minutes, but it did go off. Downtown is so quiet when the power is off… or at least my loft gets quiet, it was somewhat erie. We’ll see if it stays on the rest of the week. If the state starts rolling blackouts, LA shouldn’t be affected as DWP has its own power generation facilities, you never know though, somebody might cut that one cable that connects everything again.

Update So it looks like there are some power outages right now, about 33,000 customers all together.

3 thoughts on “Very Brief Power Failure”

  1. remember when downtown had that huge power failure a few months back? people streamed out into the streets from their office buildings filling the streets with confused employees.

  2. Yeah I referenced it with the “somebody might cut that one cable that connects everything again” line… guess it was too subtle.

  3. our power in west hollyood, whitley heights to be exact, went out last night around 10 and didn’t come back on till today around 8pm. almost a whole day with no fans or ac, it was a nightmare.

    at first it was amusing watching tons of people in the streets with flashlights having a gay ol time but then the firetrucks begin blaring through along with a chopper lighting up the whole place for no reason. good times!

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