Thank You City of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti and Sean Bonner!

LA Wedding CardAs you may or may not know the illustrious and beautiful Penelope Proffitt Bullock is now my lawfully wedded wife. We were married on July 9th in the New Otani Hotel’s rooftop garden. The wedding was really beautiful and we had a wonderful time as did our guests. Of course when you get married you get gifts and some times you get ones that you don’t really care for and you can return them and other times you get ones that you love and had no idea you would be getting. The image of the lovely certificate on the right with the beautifully hand written calligraphy arrived in the mail yesterday (we had a mail hold for our honeymoon) and when we opened it we were taken aback by the kind gesture. I want to thank Sean Bonner, who I am guessing orchestrated this beautiful gift as he asked me for my bride’s full name and our address before the wedding. I would also like to thank Eric Garcetti and the City of Los Angeles for this gift, we are truly honored.

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  1. In this City, certificates are a hot comodity. In these modern times, that hand drawn calligraphy has been reserved for only special occasions, with most proclamations and certificates being created on an inkjet printer (not even a laserjet!). I will tell you, though, rumor has it that the City’s fulltime (even with a computer to assist) calligrapher is a second generation “City Calligrapher.”

    Congratulations to the Newlywed Nerds!

    (And when you have kids, know that there is a certificate for when they’re born, get bar/bat mitzvahed, earn their Eagle Scout merit badge, and even one for your anniversary and birthdays! The City aims to please every citizen on every occasion!)

  2. Very cool. When you return and do one of your art walk bike rides, you can take the certificate, digitally blow it up and wear it on your back like a cape. Whose gonna mess with ya? No one I say. No one!

  3. I’m getting married in March. How on earth can I get one of those, or at least strongly hint to one of my guests how they can go about getting us one? Please email me and let me know.

  4. Err….thought my name would link to my email address.


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