Los Angeles in the Running for 2016 Olympics

So there is some buzz on the internet that is hinting to the possibility that LA will be the host city for the 2016 Olympics. The USOC will announce its shorter short list tomorrow. On Friday they came up with Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and San Francisco so let’s hope they choose us! FYI even if the USOC chooses LA, the US still has to be picked as the host nation by the IOC.

2 thoughts on “Los Angeles in the Running for 2016 Olympics”

  1. I love this City and know that another Olympic Games would be great for us all.

    But, I’m also a realist. And as a nation, of the modern summer Games, we’ve hosted 4 of the 26 games. We’ve had two out of the last six summer games in the US. Los Angeles joins London & Paris in hosting the game twice. (Only Athens has hosted 3 times.)

    With all the cities in the world, do you really thing Los Angeles will get it again; and would the US, for that matter? I guess we can always wish.

    I hope I’m proved wrong; I really do.

  2. I see no reason why L.A. couldn’t host again. First, we have all of the resources (hotels, venues, etc.) and would really only need minor renovations in most cases (maybe a few new facilities and large projects). Given that the IOC is a big fan (at least in their words) of minimally invasive bids that don’t require tons of construction, this is good for us. Second, L.A. is a well-liked international tourist destination, with terrific weather and plenty to do. While we may think that there are tons of terrible things about our little city, to visitors, it’s still the land of beaches, Beverly Hills, and movie stars. In other words, people like coming to L.A. Throw in the fact that due to TV and sponsor revenue, the IOC basically *has* to have the games in the U.S. (or at least North America) at least once every 3 olympiads (winter or summer) and it does bode well for an L.A. bid. Plus, other than San Francisco, I think that the other bid cities from the U.S. are pretty crap (Houston in July?!? “Exotic” Philadelphia?!? That’s like getting Americans fired up over Manchester, England or Fukuoka, Japan.)

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