LA is Hawt


You know usually you can’t actually see heat in a photograph but for the past couple of days in Los Angeles all bets are off. Can’t you just feel the heat beams melting your skin from the image I took from my porch where I was outside for a total of 20 seconds and wanted to die?

It’s funny because I’ve been blogging so much about the weather which is something I usually never want to do (can you saw boring) but I think I’m just simply in awe of how hot it’s been. I mean, seriously, it’s cooler in Florida. How messed up is that?


Is that smog? Nah, it’s just the city of Los Angeles steam-broiling.

6 thoughts on “LA is Hawt”

  1. Yes Carolyn it is hot. This malediction we call weather is affecting even the most imperturbable of us, so much that I eventually decided it was either an air conditioner or un-justifiable homicide. But, alas, the air conditioning gods hath forsaken us as Home Depot, Sears, and Target in Hollywood are all out of cooling devices!
    ………what a world, what a world……..

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