LA going to the birds?

Personally I never really think of LA as an especially biodiverse ecosystem. On any given day I see a sum total of 4 species of “wildlife” including cockroaches, flying rats, sewer rats and evolved monkeys (that’s you and me). I suppose that the mountains and the wetlands along with the county’s sheer size have something to do with award we just won: “America’s Birdiest County” with a total of 265 species of birds. The award is presented by the San Diego Audubon Society.

2 thoughts on “LA going to the birds?”

  1. Here on the southern border of Van Nuys, granted I am in a single-family home, I regularly see 7-8 species of birds, squirrels, lizards, opossum and the usual quorum of feral and domesticated cats and dogs.

    This includes such exotics as Great Blue Herons, snowy egrets (both from the Sepulveda Wildlife Reserve), an occasional skunk and a variety of other migratory birds.

    Add to this the uncountable numbers of bees, butterflies, moths, ants, mantis and other insects and you will find LA to be quite a diverse ecosystem.

    In the neighborhood itself I rarely see pigeons, sewer rats or other wildlife usually described as “vermin.” Although I do see those along the major thoroughfares and commercial areas.

  2. I’m pretty pleased with how many different birds can be spotted. I’d expect between the scrub jays, mourning doves, hummingbirds, crows, hawks, phoebes and other little birds in the backyard it’s pretty diverse out there.

    Come out on a whale watch trip with me someday and you can spot at least 10 species before even leaving the harbor.

    I’ve got a great book of the birds of Los Angeles or something like that and I can take it anywhere in SoCal because there are soooo many birds in it.

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