Identities of 50 women sought as possible victims of LA serial killer

During the penalty phase of the trial that found William Richard Bradford guilty of murdering two young women, he turned to the jury and said, “”Think of how many you don’t even know about.”

Today, the LA County Sherrif’s Department have released photos of over 50 women (a handful pictured above) who they believe may have also been Bradley’s victims between 1975 and 1984, and ask the public in helping locate or identify them. The pictures were found in his residence shortly after his arrest.

In the 1970s and ’80s, Bradford, 60, posed as a freelance photographer in the West Los Angeles area, taking sexually explicit photos of women he met at bars and “car race events.” He would later strangle them and dispose of their bodies in northern Los Angeles County deserts. (source: Daily Breeze)

Bradford, incidentally, is currently on death row.

The two questions I have are: 1. Why are the police finally releasing these photos now, more than twenty years later? and 2. Will these cases, where most of the potential victims are beautiful white women, gain more public attention than those of the “still at large” Southside Slayer, whose victims have been largely poor black women?

Thanks to Stephen Blackmoore at LA Noir for giving us the heads up here and here. Stephen was somewhat prophetic when he recently wrote in the comments here:

Something to bear in mind is that as of last year the LAPD had something like 9,000 unsolved homicides stretching back to the late ‘sixties.

With the cold case unit slowly digging their way through these murders and new forensic methods that might be able to find links where there were none before, I think we’re going to see a lot more of this sort of thing.