Cool Pools

I grew up in the Florida Keys. Our house was about 3 minutes from the beach but having access to the Atlantic Ocean didn’t really matter. What I loved most, was sneaking into the many pools at the resorts that dotted the island. There was something about a dip in an off-limits hotel pool that was deliciously fun. Now that I’m all grown up, I know I’m not supposed to sneak into pools anymore….but it’s friggin’ hot, so all bets are off. Besides, I thought I’d do a little research for everyone out there who has always wondered just how hard (or easy) it is to hit your local hotel pool. This post will be the first in a series detailing my adventures in Hollywood Cool Pools. And don’t worry, I’m not just limiting it to the Hollywood area, I’ve branched out to Santa Monica and Ojai even.

A couple of things to remember: Weekends are challenging. Almost all the pools seem to have hyper awareness of who their guests are on the weekends, so it’s a much harder to pull off. You can try, but getting there really early or late is a better bet on Saturday or Sunday, and that’s kinda beside the point.
Also: Buy stuff. If you’re having lunch or drinks poolside and take a dip, life seems a lot easier. The trick here is that hotel guests usually charge to their rooms, so using a credit card to open your account and tipping big seems to make it easier all around.
Another note: Wear normal clothes over your bathing suit to stroll through the lobby, swing into the bathroom near the pool and whip on your sarong type pool clothing. Walking in with your hat and beach togs is a sure tip-off, but so is going to the pool in clothes that look like street clothes.

I got warmed up a couple of weeks ago when my boyfriend and I drove up to Ojai to see some friends. Our idea was to hang out at the at Ojai Valley Inn and Spa and get massages and other good stuff. But then I checked the prices: $675.00 per night, without the spa treatments. Youch!!! I found a great little spot two blocks away at the Ojai Rancho Inn. We got the pool cabin, which had two big rooms next to the pool and garden. The pool at our hotel was loud and full of kids, so we ambled down the road to the Ojai Valley Inn and checked out their two pools. The first Olympic sized pool was also full of kids, but the other pool by the spa was quiet, a gem really, surrounded by gently swaying trees. We easily slipped in and had a great swim. Later we had super scrumptious breakfast on the terrace of the Caf√©. We did some spa stuff on the next day, which includes using the pool, so it wasn’t really sneaking in….but I did find that if you partake of the hotels services (and pay for them) it’s pretty easy to use the pool. Next up: slipping into some cool pool goodness here in town!