Boardner’s – What the HELL???


So last night we get a phone call inviting us to go and watch the season finale of Fast, Inc. with our pals the Fast Ashleys.

Where is it? Boardner’s in Hollywood. Of course it is. Where else would it be?

In case you don’t make it out that way too much, Boardners is long-famous for being a foul and stinking dump. THE foul and stinking dump. Check it out in BARFLY if you don’t believe me.

To say it’s rank is to demean rankness. Ladies-bring-your-own-toilet-paper rank. Floors sticky with who knows what and from who knows when rank.

I’d just taken delivery on my new Manolos, but wouldn’t dream of sullying them in a craphole like Boardner’s, so instead I dressed for the mess and off we went.

We arrived, opened the door — and immediately thought we were in the wrong place!

Holy shit, friends, Boardner’s has had a full-on makeover!

No kidding – tables, upholstered booths, flat screen tv, sensuous mood lighting, and craziest of all, the place has been cleaned. No stink at all, no sticky floors, and they even serve FOOD now. We didn’t eat but it looked good and nobody barfed….

Of course five minutes into viewing the show the power went out, but hey, alcohol isn’t electric so we managed just fine. And we’d seen the east coast feed of the show anyway so we just hung out and drank until the ice gave out.

But I digress.

The point is the old Good News/Bad News: Good news is there’s a nice place to hang out at 1652 N. Cherokee Ave in Hollywood. The bad news is that Boardner’s as most of us know it has gone the way of the buffalo.

7 thoughts on “Boardner’s – What the HELL???”

  1. No mention of the adjoining nightclub portion? Man they’ve been doing clubs in there forever… they actually remodeled that portion a couple of years ago and expended into the other side of the building. I have always loved the back yard and the fountain. Security there can be somewhat… mean.

  2. The adjourning nightclub portion is where they hold Club Moscow and SinAMatic.

    I saw the band, The Prix play to a wild crowd there last week.

  3. Yeah they used to have Respect there about 7 years ago and then more recently they held Muse with Free Thinking… Muse is now in Downtown LA at the Stock Exchange and Respect is a few blocks away at the Larchmont, formerly the Martini Lounge.

  4. My b.f. played a show there and said it was one of the nicest places he’s ever played. They’re a surf punk band so they normally get invited to sticky-floored dive bars, but this show was definitely an exception. I couldn’t go, but I’m looking even more forward to checking it out with your positive feedback. My b.f. has weird taste sometimes.

    p.s. I mean no offense but I find it puzzling that you posted a link to a photo of your new Manolos. Seriously? I’m all about sharing neat LA spots, but that’s just silly.

  5. To clarify, I posted the pic of the Manolos to show exactly what kind of shoes I wouldn’t even consider wearing into what I discovered was THE OLD Boardner’s. The way it looks now I’d be fine with wearing anything there.

    Plus I couldn’t resist a link to those shoes.

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