blogroll open call

While checking through our blogroll the other day I realized that there’s a few obvious holes that need to be filled, so figured this would be a good time to see what is missing that we’ve somehow overlooked. If you have a blog in LA, regularly read our site and post comments you should be listed in our blogroll. If you aren’t, post a comment to this post with your URL and one of us will get you added to the list.

25 thoughts on “blogroll open call”

  1. The Aesthetic covers art and politics in the South Bay and updates most weekdays. When people talk about LA, they usually focus on Hollywood and downtown, and forget about the beach. I don’t.

  2. View From a Loft tosses it’s mouse in the ring. I’ve also been a regular contributor from flickr via someonewalksinla

  3. You can add mine if you want… I work in the Angeles National Forest so a lot of what is in there is about things happening up there, but there are also just pictures of me and my friends that aren’t really relevant to others…

  4. I am a pretty picky girl who writes selective opinions, recommendations and rants on everything from restaurants to underwear with a focus on LA.

  5. Two apartments, marriage, a house/renovation, a baby, another baby. it’s all there. I work in the film business. It’s a living. Dig your show.

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