Yesterday L.A.


I recently stubbled upon one of the coolest websites on the internet while searaching for vintage stores in Los Angeles – This website features scanned images of vintage postcards depicting Los Angeles about fifty years ago. The familiar sights of Wilshire Boulevard, the Biltmore, and the Farmer’s Market (blissfully pre-Grove) turn unfamiliar, or at least bare bones, in the old postcards and yet there is almost more magic. Take your time visiting the site – the yesterday of Los Angeles is enchanting.

Image is of the “Miracle Mile” in Los Angeles. Looking east on Wilshire Boulevard from the entrance of the LaBrea Tar Pits in the heart of the “Miracle Mile” shopping district.

One thought on “Yesterday L.A.”

  1. This site is too cool for school! I love seeing how it was compared to how it is now…I’m a bit envious of the LA my parents once enjoyed.

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