The only heat post I will make this summer

to231rev01.jpgSo I’m sitting here in the EZ Bake Oven last night, wearing a shirt soaked in cold water, slaving away at the computer, and an ad comes on for this solar panel you attach to your car window that keeps the interior of the car a comfy something-under-120¬∫F when you park in the sun. They said this was not available in stores, but I found something similar at, here.

So my question is (a) do these things work and (b) if I buy five for my jalousie window in the kitchen, would it do any good?

(Boy, I’m full of questions this morning. Must be the heat…)

2 thoughts on “The only heat post I will make this summer”

  1. I’ve got one, they work pretty good. Tinting your windows will make much more of a difference.

  2. I’m wondering if the solar contraption makes it easier for someone to coathanger your door open?

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