The Like @ Night Vision: MOCA After Dark…


This past weekend, I actually got some culture.


On Saturday night, I went to Downtown L.A., specifically to MOCA (MySpace), for their weekly Night Vision: MOCA After Dark event, to see Nine Black Alps (MySpace) and The Like (MySpace).

And of course, Mark “The Cobrasnake” Hunter showed up with his girlfriend/muse Cory Kennedy.

Here’s one fan‘s reaction to the show:

yesterday was fantastic. i went to see the like at the MOCA and i was right at the very front… i seriously couldn’t have asked for a better show.

If you missed it, that same fan videotaped and posted The Like’s set (ten songs) in its entirely at YouTube.

In a few days, The Like will be travelling to Japan and will be performing there (more specifically, in the cities of Niigata and Tokyo) for the first time.

Kudos to MOCA for hosting these performances and perhaps just as importantly, for being camera-friendly, especially when photography in the Downtown area has been problematic (link via LA Observed) in this post 9/11 era.

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Speaking of MySpace, it has been down since mid-Sunday:

1:38 PM PST, Sun, Jul 23
hello everyone – so there was a power outage in LA yesterday. unfortunately it directly hit the data center where myspace’s servers are located. lots of people were affected. the backup power failed and that’s why myspace has been screwy since yesterday afternoon. we are still working to get everything back in order. i know what most of the problems are, it’s just giong to take awhile to fix them. thx for your patience!

And here’s an updated message on the front page:

hey everyone! there’s been a power outage in our data center. we’re in the process of fixing it right now, so sit tight. hopefully we’ll be back online within the hour. its 6:40pm PST now. wanna place a bet? -Tom

As of this writing, MySpace, recently acquired by Rupert Murdoch for $580 million, is still down for maintenance. Oops. And with 95,000,000 members and counting, a lot of them are anxious. So much so that “MySpace” is currently the first, ninth, and eleventh search terms on Technorati.

More photos from the show here.

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  1. He man, people care about rich kids with nothing of subtance to say like myself and The Like, go easy on us extremely wealthy kids from beverly hills and brentwood… just cuz our parents have lots of money doesn’t mean we aren’t important. Did I mention we know d list celebs?

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