The Grove – “Screw Your Power Crisis”

In the comments on an earlier post about the current heat/power crisis, reader Matt points out that the stores at The Grove are the worst offenders in town. They have their air on full blast and their doors wide open trying to entice customers out of the courtyard into the icy coldness of consumerism. While this is a commendable tactic in a “get more people in the store” standpoint, it really blows from the “who cares if half the city loses power, we might make an extra $45 sale!” perspective. Does the city have any regulations about this kind of thing? I mean generally I wouldn’t care what a store does but if any of those 175,000 people who lost power yesterday were in the dark so that Crate & Barrell can get a little more foot traffic, well, that’s bad. And how much money is the city spending asking people to not run washing machines during the day, maybe someone could call over there and ask them to close their doors already? I’m going to be even less psyched about this if the state starts in with the rolling blackouts thing and I know it’s American Girls fault.

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  1. I was just at a DWP office where they were running their sprinkler sytem full blast in the middle of the day. They also had their air conditioning system on with the door open.

  2. I was there on Sunday and thinking the same thing. I couldn’t believe how many of the places had their doors wide open and how high they all had their AC turned up. I guess we must’ve solved world hunger and elminated poverty if we have enough money to cool the entire out of doors.

  3. Got in touch with the Mayors office, we’ll see if anything is done, and maybe next time I go to the apple store they’re doors will be shut.

    And if you can believe this, they ran out of ice at The Farm. So I had to drink my lemonade only slightly chilled! GASP! But thanks to crate and barrel, while I stood in line for Pirates, I was nice and cool.

  4. Agencies fining businesses for acting “irresponsibly”? I sure hope not, even in this socialist paradise of a state. No, the proper response isn’t punishment by the gov’t, but incentives from the service provider to not break their decaying distribution system.

    Dunno about DWP, but SCE has a few programs where if you put a “remote control” on your AC unit, to allow them to turn it off periodically during periods of high demand, you get a significant break on your rates:

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