If you live in New York then you know all about Overheard in New York which is a endlessly entertaining blog that just posts snipits of conversations from all over the city. It’s a great idea has spilled over onto other blogs as well. They also have Overheard in the Office and Overheard at the Beach. You see the theme here I’m sure. Which is why the submission we recently got for Overheard in Los Angeles struck my eye. The anonymous submission said “Like Overheard in New York. But with pictures. And commentary. And fewer quotes.” But what is should have said is “Stealing the brand from the ‘Overheard’ sites but adding other stuff and putting in less of the one thing you actually want in an ‘overheard’ site.” This is so lame because they are trying to swipe the name someone else has tried hard to build, and then sucking on top of that. What’s even worse is it’s happening in other cities too. Hopefully the folks at the real Overheard have a lawyer and can get this crap taken care of.