Nikki Finke Makes No Sense

I went to see Clerks II on opening night and blogged about how packed the theater was. In fact, all the shows that day were sold out, which isn’t that surprising since I can count on one hand the number of my friends who aren’t fans. Yesterday it was cool to read on Kevin Smith’s blog that the movie did right about what people expected, and looks like it’s going to make tons of cash for all involved. In fact, the numbers – Estimates were it would make about $10 Million, just shy of the $11 Million Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back made. Final numbers came in at $9.6 MM $10 Million. The film cost $5MM to make, and about that in marketing. So, from a cash stance, the film broke even on opening weekend leaving the rest of the theater run and all following rentals/sales as full profit. So how can Nikki Finke say that the film (and director) crashed and burned? It seems like it did way better than the other two movies she’s talking about in that post.