More Zuma Dogg ya’ll

zuma2.jpgI’ve written about Zuma Dogg (of public access fame) here a few times in the past (here here & here) and due the overwhelmingly positive response to those posts I figured I’d give ya’ll an update on our favorite wigger. Check out these new video clips homeboy has posted on youtube (after the jump). I’m sure all the dorks who jumped all over me for not knowing the backstory on the billboard that I posted about (asking if anyone knew the backstory on it) will be psyched on this shit. Hey man, trust me… I’m right there with you… I just can’t get enough of Zuma Dogg either. Give him a call and tell him how much you love him or book him for your children’s birthday party… 310-928-7544

p.s. Hey Zuma Dogg, my friend scott said you better send him his Zuma Dogg t-shirt he paid for or he’s coming to venice to find you… you don’t want Scott to do that, he’s massive and rides a motorcycle.

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