More Free stuff in LA

Last year I posted about the launch of Cheapskatin’ LA – an awesome blog (whose RSS feed seems to be a bit shaky at the moment) by Amy Raymond that highlights free events around town. Well she’s got company now with the launch of Free in LA which seems to do the same thing. There’s a bit of overlap as you might guess, but if you are into free things to do in town, you’ve just been handed another tool. There’s no name on the site so I don’t know who runs it, but they totally broke one of the biggest blogger rules ever – asking a site to link to you without posting a link back to them. Where’s the link to hmmm???

6 thoughts on “More Free stuff in LA”

  1. Sorry about breaking the biggest rule ever. can now be found in my links – at the top even.

    I didn’t know about Cheapskatin’ until after I started my blog. Amy’s site is a great resource; she’s selective and concentrates on indie stuff in L.A. She’s much more hip than I am.

    I’m trying to cover a wider geographic area (Ozomatli or Sugar Ray in Orange County), oldies (the Animals or Poco), jazz (Cleo Laine & John Dankworth), book appearances (Amy Sedaris or Peter Falk), and classical (the Los Angeles Opera).

    My Event Calendar for August has about 300 free events so far.

  2. Every author on can add links to the blogroll from inside our own system. I try to diligently add cool sites, but sometimes I fuck up and don’t add things I meant to and no one else gets to it either. I just added you, and was embarrased to see you weren’t on there already. Sorry about that.

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