Beverly Hills 90210 First Season Coming Out on DVD


My dreams have come true – the first season of Beverly Hills 90210 is being released (finally) onto DVD by Paramount this November 17th according to! You can even put your name on the contact list on Amazon now.

Long before the OC, Dawson’s Creek, or even Melrose Place was 90210 – a show I’m proud to say I watched from beginning all the way through to the bitter end. Laugh if you want but that was some entertaining shit and I can’t wait to watch all the sex, drama, fake frech accents, date-rape issues, cancelled weddings, and boozin’ again. The site also mentions that Melrose Place and the second season of Twin Peaks are to be released soon – man I love TV-to-DVD!

Since I’ve lived in Los Angeles I’ve played the game of chalking up which actors I’ve seen from the show. So far it’s been mostly secondary characters like “oops I burnt the float and slipped Brandon a mickey” Emily, “I like Donna but I need sex with Valerie” Noah, and “Steve Sanders rapped me – just kidding” take-back the night girl. Oh, I did see Claire at the Sanrio store in the Beverly Center once and Tori Spelling/Donna Martin on Larchmont but that’s it. I hope to round out my list some day!

Oh, and if you’ve read this and either have no idea what I’m talking about and/or think I’m crazy then why did you make it to the end of this post?

4 thoughts on “Beverly Hills 90210 First Season Coming Out on DVD”

  1. 90210 (as well as the Buffy series) was filmed in my humble city over at Torrance High School. Unfortunately I went to North High School (Torrance High is technically East High) so I missed out on my chance to be a background wanderer :-P

  2. OH MY this has been awaited for a LOOOOOOOONG time! Ive been looking for those bootleg dvd collections on eBay but this would just blow the roof off! (lol..) First comes the 1st and the rest will follow! Hope so.. :D

  3. I’m looking forward more to the release of Melrose Place. Michael Mancini and Krazy Kimberly 4-evah!

    BTW, first volume of Animaniacs on DVD comes out today!

    Now if only those assholes at Warner Home Video would release seasons 2-4 of Everwood…

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