Bend Your Power

In case you haven’t heard, it’s pretty damn hot out. Real hot even. So hot that 175,000 people were without power yesterday since everyone else in the city had their air conditioners set to high. The folks at the LAFD Blog remind us that even if you can’t remember the name, the Flex Your Power program is really important and can help keep the grid from failing. Over here at our place we’re doing our part by purposfully not stocking up on lightbulbs so that when we blew three of them this weekend, almost at once, we didn’t put new ones in and have been squinting ever since. Everyone else, turn that extra crap off already.

2 thoughts on “Bend Your Power”

  1. Someone should let all the store owners at the Grove know about the Flex Your Power thing. They make a horrible example of this, they leave their doors open to entice customers with cold blasts of air as they walk by.

  2. That’s a great point Matt, guess it’s all about the bottom dollar. I wonder if the city pays any attention to this kind of thing?

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