Bats Day In The Fun Park

sticker_web.jpgFor an entirely different sort of concert series, it’s less than four weeks now until Bats Day In The Fun Park! This is the event I’ve happily described to my friends as “goth day at Disneyland”. It’s my first year going, but I’ve heard nothing but positive things from the people who have gone in the past (including in comment posts here on And, since this is Bats Day’s eighth year running, it’s already more successful than other counterculture attempts to take over the park.

However, for those of you interested in going, I advise that you get over to the website and look at the event info. There’s two days of concerts leading up to the Sunday in the park. The first night is HMB, Ayria, Abney Park and Stolen Babies; the second is Mr Uncertain, Regenerator, Cylab and goth spokeman Voltaire. Tickets to the pre-events are available until August 7th (newly extended date), although, of course, no special ticket will be necessary to put on black clothes and mouse ears and meet up at the Haunted Mansion.

No doubt I’ll have additional commentary and photos after the event itself, but I love how the goth culture has extended itself to the L.A. landscape. Disneyland is unique to Los Angeles, to Southern California. I see Disneyland as being born out of a mix of perfect SoCal weather, the California pier theme parks, out of L.A. vacation destination, andfrom the fantasy mentality inherent in the early film industry. It’s also become a part of the memory of everyone who grew up in SoCal – Charles Phoenix being the greatest evangelist for Disneyland as part of the collective SoCal midcentury memory. It couldn’t have been thought up and executed anywhere but Southern California (DisneyWorld, after all, is the second in the series).

And that’s part of why I’m so looking forward to this weekend. First of all, it’s my twenty-eighth birthday that weekend, so I’ll get to celebrate in the park. Second, I’m a big fan of a lot of the artists performing. And finally, it’s a weekend that will combine two things I love: goth culture, and Disneyland. It’s a weekend that could only exist in Southern California. Twenty-nine days to go!

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  1. That’s it, exactly. You’ve got it – unfortunately, not quite in the “yay, imagination!” sense you could have.

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