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Everyone around me is pretty much sick of hearing me describe what summer is like back up in my hometown of Victoria, BC. It doesn’t cold enough to seriously snow in Victoria or Vancouver, yet the temperature also rarely goes over 80F in the summertime. I remember equating 30C with “very warm” (that’s about 90), but I had absolutely no clue what “really hot” meant. I have since found out that “hot” is much higher than 30C/90F. I have also since found out that heat totally exhausts me. I have no idea how most of America survived before the air conditioner was invented – especially the parts of the country that are unfortunate enough to have real humidity.

Therefore, to take my mind off the L.A. heat, I thought I’d check in with the MetBlogs back up in my home region of the Pacific Northwest, where we could afford to sell our extra hydroelectricity to California because we didn’t need it to run air conditioners. I’ll start in my old stomping grounds with Metroblogging Vancouver, where Jeffrey has celebrated the launch of Sacramento by calling it “the Victoria of California.” I actually think San Diego is more the Victoria of California, myself.

Also, there’s an awful lot to do in Vancouver this week, from the Richmond Night Market to the Celebration of Light fireworks in English Bay. I’ll admit, there’s things I miss about Vancouver, and watching fireworks over the water, on a perfect, cool, Vancouver night, is one of them.

In Seattle, it’s almost time for Seafair! Oh, Seafair, with all your wacky flipping hydroplane action! Zee is not amused by the Seafair parade, unfortunately. Josh addresses the air conditioner debate in Seattle, as well as a heatwave agenda, while Dylan goes directly to blaming global warming.

And a little further south in Portland, temperatures are even higher – but still nowhere near LA proportions. Betsy is hiding from her 95F apartment, and Jonah doesn’t want to leave his air conditioned office. However, iStanton has a different perspective, thanks to a couple days at the Gorge in George, where temperatures were as high as they were Inland and in the Valley last weekend. I have to agree – after spending a weekend in Pasadena, 95 sounds like a cool day to me.

So there’s what’s happening in the Pacific Northwest. They’re also having a heat wave, but it’s just defined a little differently. As for here in L.A., I’ve heard that temperatures will be down a bit for this weekend, but I’m still going to spend as much of it as possible in water: the ocean by my house, the neighboring apartment complex’s pool. Or I’ll find an excuse to work this weekend in my own air conditioned office. And after all, I may envy my former neighbors of the Northwest their less extreme heat wave – but come November, when the rain starts back home, it’ll totally be worth having survived summer in Los Angeles to be here for the nice, non-dreary winter.

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  1. Being a newbie to the Vancouver Metblogs team I’m trying to get around to the other cities more often – thanks for the Pacific Northwest update!

    I have to keep in mind that Vancouver IS only 3 hours away from Seattle so their events calendar should interest me just as much :)

    As for the weather… We get 9-10 grey n’ cloudy months and when the sun pops up and it hits 20C (68F) everyone freaks out about how HOT it is. I can only imagine how you feel, being a Victoria girl in LA right now. Cheers!
    Metroblogging Vancouver

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