Summer Concerts Series In Marina

In this heat, everyone wants to be as close to the ocean as possible, right? Which is why the Summer Concerts on the Pier are so popular. You can listen to something unusual, dance if you’re moved by it, and not get overheated in the process.

But who knew that Marina del Rey had concerts, too? Classical Thursdays started a couple weeks ago. They’re also in a waterfront setting, and for those of us more into Rachmaninoff than reggae, it sounds like an equally ocean-breezy opportunity to score (ha! music pun!) some free music on a summer evening.

As a note, there is no actual Rachmaninoff – but there is an opera performance next Thursday, and two weeks later there’s a more Romantic program – Dvorak and Strauss. Full listings on the Marina Concerts page, as well as info on the Pop Saturdays.

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