Stage 1 Emergency Issued for CA Energy


Talking about the weather is usually as exciting as watching paint dry but with record-breaking temperatures today throughout Southern California, I know we’re all feeling the heat and kind of can’t believe it. Today a “Stage 1 Emergency” was issued by The California Independent System Operator for the state mainly because of people using more energy to try to stay cool. Although times like these are exactly why we appreciate energy (fans, air conditioners, etc.) it is crucial to stay within reasonable confines so that we don’t experience any more outages than necessary. And Los Angeles is spreading the word too – on the 10 Freeway west-bound today I saw a sign that usually give traffic reports saying “flex your power, conserve energy.” Since I don’t have an air conditioner to crank up, I flexed my arm muscles instead.

Per the ABC News site, here are some suggestions to help conserve energy:

* setting thermostats at 78 degrees or higher
* using fans instead of air conditioners
* drawing the drapes to keep out sunlight
* turning off unnecessary lights, appliances, and electronic devices
* using big appliances in early morning or late at night and not during peak afternoon hours

Also, if people have a second refrigerator in the garage, it should be unplugged and pool pumps should be set to run in off-peak hours.

For more information visit Flex Your Power and stay cool!

6 thoughts on “Stage 1 Emergency Issued for CA Energy”

  1. My wife and I read the Flex sign and I commented: They should have the sign read: Flex Your Power, Go Home and Take A Nap.

  2. It was 111 degrees in North Hills today. We pulled down all the shades but there was no way we were turning off the A/C. If that shut down, I was headed for the bathtub.

  3. If only they had gotten the word out better. Power has been out here in East Hollywood for about an hour.

    I actually commented about 5 minutes before the power went out that I hadn’t heard a “Flex your Power” alert all day until there was a news story this evening.

  4. Oops. Sorry. Trying to post from blackberry and it doesn’t seem to be quite as easy. :)

  5. I’m on vacation, heading north (where it’s still hot) and all the freeway signs on the 5 had those “flex your power” notices. (BTW – yesterday morning at 9:45 it was 104 in Santa Clarita). I thought it odd (I didn’t connect it until this post) and kept saying “If they want to save power, turn off those signs!”

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