Public Information Notice – It’s Hot

My favorite website source for weather,, reports this Public Information Notice:

Statement as of 10:30 PM PDT on July 22, 2006

… Highest official temperature ever recorded in Los Angeles

The high temperature in Woodland Hills at Pierce College soared to 119 degrees between 330 PM and 400 PM today. A preliminary search through all weather records suggest that this may be the highest temperature ever recorded in Los Angeles County at an official observation site.

Wundergound’s History and Almanac section says that normal for this date (July 22) is 84 ¬∞F during the day (that’s how hot it is right now at quarter past 11) and the record high before today was 98 ¬∞F in 1887. See, this is what you undercover when you’re too hot to do anything other than be on the internet!