More Crazy Ass Heat News

Everyone I know is flipping out over this silly heat. And rightly so apparently, what the crap is going on? Here are a few snips of some chaos caused by heat just this afternoon:

Electrical Fire caused by heat causes explosions in Santa Monica – Flying manhole covers and flames shooting 15 feet in the air. Power is out there now too, and should be for about 24 hours.

Lightning hits Catalina island, starts fired and burns 70 1,200 acres – and still going, now threatening structures. Marines might be called in to help the Fire Fighters since they can’t uses helicopters due to the ongoing lightning.

Cajon Pass all messed up from wildfire – don’t plan on getting through there fast anytime soon. 400 acres burned so far, and only 30% contained.

AND, just to keep the good news roling, try looking up fires+Global+warming on Google News, seems that a bunch of dudes with degrees hanging on their walls have made some connection there. Hot!