The best billboard in Los Angeles

1.jpgThis is the coolest billboard I’ve ever seen. Does anyone know the story behind it? I wanna know who Emily is and what she looks like and I wanna know who Stephen is and what he looks like! I need the back story on this billboard… (more pictures of it after the jump)


15 thoughts on “The best billboard in Los Angeles”

  1. Are you fucking kidding me? That billboard is the biggest ‘viral’ POS I’ve seen in a long time. The backstory is some 26 year old hipster marketing department (read:soulless) douchebag who thinks he’s way too clever.

  2. I hate admitting that I don’t have my finger crammed so far up the pulse of popcult as do Huph and Thedan, but it’s my first time seeing this and backstory aside, it rocks. Thanks for posting it Travis.

  3. i read somewhere (probably that it’s an ad for some new divorce court series and there’s one like it in nyc, too.

  4. So lame. You can tell it’s fake when you see it. How can just a few words on a billboard manage to lack and credibility, and yet — they do. A google serach reveals Bad marketing. Bad writing. Even bad “acting” in the supposedly surreptiously filmed clips. Lame.

  5. Ha ha. I think its weak, but it clearly worked – all the people who think its lame have certainly spent some time Googling info about it.
    Those 26 year old hipsters are geniuses!

  6. There was an interesting discussion of this ad series on Metafilter. The most disgusting part of the campaign is that someone did a search for blogs by women dealing with painful break ups from cheaters and posted comments from this imaginary Emily person, which elicited some thoughtful replies. This kind of breach of basic human trust for the sake of viral marketing demands that nice people not give them the satisfaction of talking about it… or at least if they must talk about it, talk about how evil that is.

  7. I was skimming through “Emily”‘s journal and I noted that she kept making references to living in New York. So…if she and her husband lived in NY, why would she put up a billboard aimed at him in Los Angeles? What a stupid marketing department this must be.

    This might also sound really anal, but I found it odd that Emily kept referring to her husband as “Steven.” Steven, Steven, Steven. I would think that a married couple might have more nicknames for each other–for the sake of variation (for Christ’s sake), she could call him Steve or Stevie. Even Pooh Bear. But not just “Steven” all the time. It sounds so fake and stiff.

    Sorry for sucking the fun out of this, but if this whole Emily thing really is a marketing ploy to take advantage of the attention and pity of others, I will be so utterly disgusted.

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