IAAL/MAF Goes East


For those keeping track, the IAAl/MAF is growing stronger by the day. Since shifting our Thursday evening rides to an 8pm start time, we’ve been able to fit into more people’s schedules. In fact we had 10 people on last nights ride through downtown, east LA, and Vernon making it the biggest one yet. Highlights can be shown with any one of the awesome photos that Mack Reed took including the one above. We saw some really great Madonnas, crazy factories, and some of the really cool places downtown. We also had rifles pointed at us from rooftops, and baseball bats shook at us from street corners, but wisely don’t have photos of that. Nothing to worry about though, once people saw we were offical, we were welcomed with open arms. Or at least not fired upon.

UPDATE: Mack has a much better and more detailed write up over on LAVoice.

7 thoughts on “IAAL/MAF Goes East”

  1. What with Route Master Eric’s skills being sidelined because of that whole upcoming marriage thing, I’m planning a trip for us for next Thursday’s downtowner ride that I’m hopeful will have us pushing boundaries and exploring undiscovered country! Stay tuned!

  2. Growing up under the firm cold hand of the catholic church and adam curry has me in the habit of referring to any image of that particular aparition as a madonna, regardless of what country it happened to come from. Just be happy I didn’t call it an image of the ghost of that virgin chick from the bible.

  3. I really DO need to get more comfortable with riding my bike. I wish I coulda gone with y’all. It sounds so *exciting*!!!

  4. Michele, you should so roll with us next Thursday or better yet do the 6:30 p.m. river ride next Wednesday. It’s a great place (flat, no cars) to get comfy with your bike.

  5. Sean, the guys with rifles?

    Are you talking about the guys in white tee shirts on the roof of the restaurant while we were at the red light?

    If so I was wondering what they were doing up there.

  6. Yeah, those guys. I’d bet a shiney quarter they were lookouts and if they’d decided that we were there to interfer with their business, whatever that might have been, they would have made themselves a little more obvious to us. As it was, I’m sure we came off pretty harmless and rode past with no issue. Xeni did a piece on NPR a few years ago where she rode around with members of the Playboys Gang near LAX and saw some of this first hand, I’ll see if she remembers any of it.

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