Evolution of Sign Shakers

A few years ago I started watching the sign shakers at the Little Caesar’s Pizza place I pass on my way home. At first it was a fellow with a sign … then it evolved into a tall banner that was sometimes waved, sometimes just anchored to a phone poll.

This past week it took another turn … one that I thought was pretty cool: The former sign shakers are now umbrella twirlers.

In this heat, I thought it was a pretty cool idea.

4 thoughts on “Evolution of Sign Shakers”

  1. the one on vermont and 1st cracks me up sometimes. the way he flops his sign about is hilarious, how can people read it when he’s getting his spaz on?

  2. My favorite sign guy was on Pass Ave and Oak St in Burbank. He would do flips and twists with his sign, while dancing away. Unfortunately, I think he was discovered and I haven’t seen him for a while.

    Once, back in the 80’s, I did this for some event at Universal Studios. I held an arrow for a few hours, directing traffic to go exactly where it was already going. I had a blast.

  3. i went to san diego this past weekend. And these sign twirlers are everywhere. I was completely amazed at the things that they can do with a sign and wondered why they weren’t doing it in los angeles.

    I was impressed by what they were doing. I didn’t go check out the condo, but it was neat what they were doing.

    I said to my gf, they would be really good batton triwlers. And she replied, boys can’t be batton twrilers. me sad.

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