Clerks II @ Arclight with Kevin Smith

_11508459686020.jpgA few weeks ago Jason sent me a note that there were some additional showings of Clerks 2 at Arclight and that Kevin Smith was doing a Q&A afterwards. Being a huge fan of his movies we picked up tickets for it right away. When I asked Jason how the hell he knew about this before I did, him being in San Francisco and all, he said “I’m an Arclight member, I get those e-mails still.” Hey! I’m an Arclight member too, and I have like 2,000 member points, WTF? I actually did end up getting the e-mail several hours later, after all the tickets were sold out, but whatever. Tonight was that showing and it didn’t disappoint.

The movie itself was pretty fantastic (more thoughts about the movie are here) but the whole experience reminded me how lucky all of us here in LA are to have such an awesome theater right down the street. There’s also something to be said for seeing a movie on opening night to a sold out room full of fans. Everyone laughed at the jokes and most people got a bit choked up at the end, however I think Caryn was the only one who actually squeeled when Marshal from Alias showed up in a scene. After the movie the lights came up and no one left because of the Q&A with Kevin Smith that everyone was expecting. Except Kevin wasn’t there. So we waited. And waited a little more. Finally some guy in the front row stood up and people stated applauding as he headed for the door. I don’t know if they all thought he was going to be their saviour and find out what was going on, but he quickly responded to the crowd “What, am I the only one who has to pee?” A few minutes later an Arclight employee came in and said the missing director was on the way and to sit tight.

Kevin showed up shortly after with actor Trevor Fehrman who played Elias in the film (here’s a phonecam pic) and said how awesome it was to talk to people after they’d already paid to see it so nothing he said could be written off as marketing. He answered a metric buttload of questions about everything from why this movies doesn’t have as many cross linking stories to as other films (hello, it’s a sequel, the whole damn thing is a reference to another movie), how he picked the music (it’s stuff right off his iPod), that it’s not any real commentary about the fast food industry, that Rosario Dawson was cast initially because the Weinsteins said they needed a recognizable face for the poster (and funny enough, she’s dead center of it – which is a little weird if you ask me since this is a sequel, so having a new character get the focus just seems off, but whatever) but she in fact did an amazing job in the role to what he thought of Superman and Joel Siegel walking out of a Clerks 2 press screening. When Kevin was signaled that they were out of time and to take one more question, he took about 6. Presumable since another movie was showing soon they finally turned the lights out on him and the whole thing wrapped up shortly there after. It was a great way to watch the movie, unfortunately as always, there wasn’t enough Jason Mewes. Guess we’ll just have to wait for Jay and Silent Bob Go To Freaking Space.

2 thoughts on “Clerks II @ Arclight with Kevin Smith”

  1. Went to the 10:45 screening tonight, had no clue Kevin Smith was going to be there. I didn’t really like the original clerks(bring on the hate) but i really enjoyed this one. kevins q&a however was way too long and there weren’t enough good questions. just a bunch of crap about what type of film he prefers or why he didn’t do this one in black and white. but over all it was good. we left an hour into the q&a because it was 1:45 and it was just getting boring.

  2. How the hell did you get tix to the 10:45 when I found it sold out less than 30 minutes after I got the email?
    Sorta bummed I missed it, but as Sean points out, its great that we have so many opportunities for for some many great screenings… its rare I miss one I really want, so my complaining is unwarranted… bastards.

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