Potacos in the LA Weekly!

potaco.jpgA few weeks ago I mentioned the potaco (potato + taco = potaco, yeah? You’re with me right?) as one of the most glorious reasons to visit Footsie’s in Cypress Park (potacos from next door + beer at Footsie’s = ecstasy.) Now, LA Weekly is proclaiming the glory of the potato taco as well.

the potato taco or, to be more specific, the wonderment of civilization that is the potato taco at El Atacor #11

Keep reading to hear the gospel of the potaco and why it is indeed, the best food in LA, ever.
(graphic from Crump, who first introduced me to the potaco.)

No joke, this is maybe the best food item I have ever eaten in LA, and at 10 for $6 how can you go wrong? As I explained before, $6 for potacos + $1 PBR’s at Footsie’s and you’ve got dinner for 2 for under $10! How could such a bargain taste so good? I have no idea, it defies the laws the basic laws of this world. Not to mention you get to say “potaco” a lot and people will look at you funny giving you the chance to spread the good word of the potaco to those who have not yet heard it.

If you’re still wondering what a potaco really is, they’re on the menu as “tacos de papa” and the article describes them as:

The tacos de papas at El Atacor #11, however, are different beasts entirely: thin corn tortillas folded around bland spoonfuls of mashed spuds and fried to an indelicate, shattering crunch. The barely seasoned potatoes exist basically as a smooth, unctuous substance that oozes out of the tacos with the deliberate grace of molten lava. The glorious stink of hot grease and toasted corn subsumes any subtle, earthy hint of potato, and tacos de papas evaporate so quickly that you are thankful they come 10 to an order, slicked with cream and thin taquería guacamole, piled together in a foam takeout container like so many lunch-truck taquitos.

It’s the most amazing thing in the world. I’ve taken countless friends to experience the potaco/pbr taste sensation and each and every time, without fail, I’ve received a phone call or an IM the next day stating “Oh my god, I can’t stop thinking about potacos. . .we need to go back.” One visiting friend from New York even sent a potaco postcard she made after a visit to El Atacor #11. So get down on it, denizens of Los Angeles, you shan’t be sorry.

10 thoughts on “Potacos in the LA Weekly!”

  1. oooh, i’ve heard of the senor fish potato tacos. . .but how can you order them in the face of the scallop burrito!? i will have to exercise some self-control.

  2. Ah, see benhigh trick is to get the scallop taco … then you have enough room for the potato taco as well!

    Variety is the spice of life. And so is pepper.

  3. Whenever my mom makes tacos de papa (sorry, calling them “potacoa” is against my Mexican sensibilities”…), she calls me and I’m tempted to make the 30 mile drive to the San Gabriel Valley from West LA.

    Tacos de papa are one of the items known at home as “poor people’s food.”

  4. so sad! my bf and I drove out late last night to partake in these highly proclaimed potacos at el atacor #11, and unfortunately, I wanted to like them -so- much, but they were horrible! First we waited forever for a cash register mishap, then when we got the tacos home, there was a small beetle-bug crawling around inside the take out container, and then to top it all off, the tacos themselves were just unsatisfying.. way too greasy and salty, and the taqueria-style guac was icky. :( sadness!

  5. The Cozy Cactus in San Gabriel used to have the best potato tacos, until they changed ownership and now the new owners don’t see fit to serve potato tacos. A few weeks ago, I discovered a new taco place called Tacos Por Favor in Santa Monica, and to my joy, they had potato tacos.

  6. daisy! i am horrified by your experience. i’ve never had anything but the best of experiences there! Now I will be on the lookout for beetle-bugs. eeee. .

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