L.A.’s newest Sister City under siege

from CD13 via Flickr: LA Council Members Zine and Garcetti next to Beirut Mayor Abdel Mounimariss and Vice Mayor Tawfik Kfuri)

Less than a week after City Council President Eric Garcetti was in Lebanon to inaugurate Beirut as L.A.’s twenty-second Sister City (his report here and here), war had broken out between Hezbollah militants there and neighboring Israel (who’s southern town of Eilat is also a Los Angeles Sister City). Three members of Garcetti’s delegation are now trapped in Lebanon.

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that if Israeli “ground forces are sent into southern Lebanon, Lebanese troops will fight along with the Hizbullah against Israel,” an escalation that some say could propel us towards World War 3.

Considering 100,000 Los Angeles residents are of Lebanese descent, and 24,000 Lebanese natives reside here, not to mention the large number of people also from nearby Arab states, I wonder how and if people here will choose sides in this continuing conflict. I also worry how any possible American involvement, most certainly on the side of the Israelis, might divide the residents of L.A. and other metropolises across the country… will further warfare in the Middle East effect us any more than the war in Iraq?