Heck, I’d take $50 just to let someone watch

donors_big_d.gifAfter completing his duty at a Pasadena fertility clinic, frequent sperm donor visitor Ken Rigberg noticed an “unusual hole” in the ceiling.

Upon inspection, Rigberg realized that “there was a hidden surveillance camera on top of the ceiling tile, with the lens of the camera positioned to…capture the activity within the private donor room.”

The Smoking Gun has a copy of Rigberg’s complaint against Pacific Reproductive Services, in which he seeks unspecified damages for “negligence and emotional distress”. Rigberg has since stopped visiting the clinic, where donors could receive $100 per donation two times a week, for fear of further voyeurism.

On a side note, Pacific Reproductive Services’ bills itself on their website as having “the Most Willing-To-Be-Known Donors.”

(image from the Scandianvian Cryobank)

3 thoughts on “Heck, I’d take $50 just to let someone watch”

  1. I wonder if, though, the hole with surveillance was to ensure nobody brought in a packet of specimen to use instead of their own.
    Nefarious Spermage! I hate to say it but;
    in this day and age, I would think it warranted.

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