Crawl into the Little Cave!


As luck would have it, last night we stumbled into The Little Cave.

It’s great! Plenty of bats and black glittery ceilings, comfy seating and a swell bartender.

The masterminds behind the place have gone to great lengths to make the Little Cave seem like the find of the century – a place built in 1978, sealed in a time bubble, and just unearthed for you last week.

It’s dark and cozy, and with a really great vibe. Plus they have a special party every full moon.

Go on in and check it out!

(Off the 100 Freeway, exit Ave 60.)

Or if you’re a-scared, get more info from their MySpace profile.

The Little Cave
5922 North Figueroa
Highland Park, CA 90042

14 thoughts on “Crawl into the Little Cave!”

  1. well well well
    a Bloggingla superstar ventures out of Sliverlake to our little slice of the city and “discovers” a great “new” bar?

    next thing you know we’ll be told all about the pizza at this cute little place called Casa Bianca.

    all good. no worries. don’t want to start a turf/flame war but sometimes we people of the NELA get a bit ruffled when our local landmarks are stumbled upon by possibly “a-scared” hipsters slumming it through our neighborhoods.

    sometimes its not what you say but how you say it…

  2. Oh my.

    I thought the point of was for us to share the wealth of our great city by writing about our own experiences.

    Sure most of my posts are about my own area, but when I find something or go somewhere interesting I write about it.

    No slam intended and no flames invited – I just thought the Little Cave was cool and wanted to let others in on it. And for the record I love Casa Bianca too – I haven’t been there in a while so I didn’t write about it.

  3. On more than one occasion I’ve spent six hours drinking in that bar.

    It didn’t hurt that they had Point Break playing up on the screen last time.


  4. Uh, since when was Highland Park a HIDDEN paradise? C’mon ALL the hipsters are migrating that way. . .it’s only a matter of time.

  5. Geez Louise – All I did was go someplace fun and tell more people about it on a forum designed to do just that.

    Forgive me for sharing. You’re right. Don’t go out and have fun at this neat bar; instead stay home, cultivate bedsores, and post smarmy slams on the internet.

    (It is nice to be called a “superstar” though)

  6. If the Internet is A Series Of Tubes, and Nick Cave is Kicking Against The Pricks…does that mean Nick is Kicking Against The Internet???

  7. just for clarification’s sake after reading it again, my comment was firmly directed at cranky mcgrumpy-pants up there who was cranky to have THE Ruth666 in their ‘hood. A hood, that as I was trying to point out. . .is alread half-hipster as evidenced by bars like the Little Cave, owned by the same people as the Bigfoot Lodge.

    Anyway, the Little Cave is nice. So it Ruth . . .not so much on Grumpy McCrankypants up there though.

  8. OK. Geez, I give… like I said in my initial post “not trying to start a flame war…” and not trying to slam anybody. its a free country (at least for the time being)

    I’m just saying that sometimes we (meaning me, my friends and my neighbors)in the Northeast are AMUSED when people from other neighborhoods (Sliverlake, Hollywood, whatever) venture out and “discover” secret little “hidden gems” in our backyard and… I/we just think its funny.

    Put the shoe on other foot: what if someone posted a “hey everybody I just discovered a great cool little spot called FRED 62!!!” (or Eat Well or any other well know institution)… me thinks they would be subject to just a wee bit of ridicule

    I just meant to tease her a bit. I like Ruth666 and her postings and for the record I loved “Internet of Tubes (filled with pricks)” as well as my new given name “cranky mcgrumpy-pants”

    ps: my wife says I was mean to you so again Ruth666 I am sorry.

  9. ah, cranky! it was all a big misunderstanding, let’s all go get a drink and hug it out at the Little Cave while we laugh about it.

  10. Yep, I agree – let’s all make up and go get drunk at the Little Cave!

    Full moon August 9th….

    (glad that’s settled)

  11. I’ve been meaning to go there for quite a while

    my brother had reccomended it, and I love quite close

    anyone have any other suggestions for what to do around here?

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