Nobody Walks in LA?


After reading “Walking L.A.: 36 Walking Tours Exploring Stairways, Streets and Buildings You Never Knew Existed” by Erin Mahoney, LA resident Stephen James was inspired. By getting out of the car and slowing things down a bit, James is taking deeper look at our fair city and photo-documenting it on his website. (His photos are also available for purchase).

It’s pretty standard to hear that nobody walks in LA and I guess in comparison to other cities like San Francisco, New York, or Chicago, we don’t walk that much. Coming from Florida I see that more people walk in LA than in any FLA city I’ve been to so perhaps my point of reference is skewed. Since I’ve lived in Silver Lake, I love walking around my neighborhood with my dogs seeing how weird and beautiful and lush Los Angeles can be – more than inspiring.

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Walking LA

Photo taken in Santa Monica by Stephen James