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I have in mind a series of posts about being the mother/parent of an infant in and around LA – things to do, baby-friendly places, etc. I wonder if there is any interest.

I’ve been compiling a list of places around town that make diaper changes easy, or at least easier. Please chime in with any places you’ve found that are great – and also places that suck.

  • Toys R Us (various locations): changing tables in men’s rooms as well as women’s; free supplies in both.
  • Babies R Us (Van Nuys): “Mother’s Room” with changing tables and glider for breastfeeding. I was offended by the sexist name and implied shame in nursing (it is, by the way, legal in California to breastfeed ANYWHERE), but it was very convenient and the glider was comfy.
  • Bob Hope Airport (Burbank): changing tables iin all bathrooms. Jet Blue terminal has family/handicap restroom with changing table and space for at least two adults and one baby.
  • Huntington Garden (Pasadena): family/handicap restroom with changing table in main entrance building.

A couple of weeks ago we were somewhere that didn’t have a changing table in the men’s room, which made me wonder what the hell my husband is supposed to do when I’m not there, but we are both totally fried from vacation and can’t remember where it was.

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  1. I’m equally offended that a room reserved for breast feeding is labeled a “Mother’s Room”. Father’s should be able to also breast feed in privacy if they so choose.

  2. aside from that poopyhead sites available…- I love the idea of a site that posts baby friendly info. Not having personally experienced the joys of parenthood yet I wouldn’t be able to use the info beyond passing it on to my lovely friend who just had her little one 3 months ago and is now looking to get out in the world. She has recently discovered the mommy monday movies at The Grove and is thrilled to be able to see first-run movies with a changing table in the theatre so she doesn’t miss out on anything. Personally sounds like hell if you are not actively breast-feeding but again, haven’t gotten there yet!

  3. IKEA is the place for kids. every stall has a chair on the back of each door for the kids while mom or dad is going potty

  4. Ikea also has family bathrooms, with a comfy chair for breastfeeding, and changing tables (also free diapers!).

    The Beverly Center has changing pads in both the men’s & women’s bathrooms, as well as diaper vending machines.

    Nordstrom has comfy chairs/sofas in the women’s restrooms if you need to feed the baby; they also have changing pads. Can’t speak to changing pads in the men’s rooms.

    The Century City mall has a family area in the back of the food court. Changing tables, a play area with toys, and curtained rooms for feeding.

  5. Let me add to the IKEA shout-out. It’s truly a great Saturday morning spot for parents with babies. Grab a $1.99 breakfast, let the tots play in the kiddie area, etc. Love the IKEA.

  6. Consider this:
    popular Westside diner
    bills itself as “family friendly” (balloons, coloring contest, etc)
    customer asks where to change a child’s diaper and gets the response, “you can’t; there’s no room here”

    I think it’s great that you’re posting this info!! Good luck collecting and posting more!

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