So long, Mickster


Mickey Spillane is dead at age 88.

Back in the 80s (or was it the 90s?) I held a brief job as cashier at the long gone Nicky Blair’s Restaurant on Sunset. One Saturday I filled in for the girl who took reservations – a harrowing job to say the least.

The phone rang. I answered it.

I said, “Nicky Blairs, can I help you?”

He said, “Yeah gimme a table for four people at around eight.”

Of course we were more than completely full up for 8 o’clock, and as I started to tell the caller this, he piped up, “Well, dear, this is Mickey Spillane.”

I immediately said, “Yeah, and I’m Marie of Rumania, but you ain’t getting a table here tonight at eight.”

He laughed like hell, and in short order I realized he really WAS Mickey Spillane. We talked for a while, I told him what a fan I was of his work, and of course, gave him one of Nicky’s “special” tables – you know, the ones that don’t exist.

Unless maybe you’re Mickey Spillane.

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