Flip Flop Freelancer

Back in the day, when I had to go into an office for work, I took pride in my shoes. Most were black, closed toed conservative low chunky heels. Then I moved to LA and embraced the high heel, finding comfortable 2 inchers that I could walk the dog with and even go for short hikes. However, it’s recently come to my attention that I’ve reached a new level of shoe wear – the flip flop.

Unless I’m meeting with clients in person, I’ve got flip-flops on my feet. Almost constantly! They are what I put on first thing in the morning (when I even bother to put on shoes) and unless I need shoes with specific features (like a traction sole) I find myself shopping, walking the dog and really any kind of errand in my bright blue flip flops.

When did the transition occur? Not long ago I used to wear my old standards – a pair of black mesh tennis shoes. Now I can’t find them anywhere and my flip flops are always so convenient. So much for wearing flip flops for watering, cleaning or going to the beach; they’re not business wear!

photo by nem0girl via Flickr.

4 thoughts on “Flip Flop Freelancer”

  1. You wore heels while hiking?
    Flip flops on girls I don’t mind too much – on guys, though, always wrong. Guys who wear socks with their sandals should move back to their dorm room in the OC.
    Regardless, wearing sandals should need a license with mandatory standards of a pedicure once a month.

  2. My friend, all things are best hiked in heels.

    Especially when you are short.

    I myself never leave at least two inches of additional elevation. Pah.

    Hbomb, I love ya, but you’d have to hold that flamethrower to me to get me into flipflops.

  3. Hey I have a question on flip-flops. Anyone out there have any cleaning tips for them? My teenage daughter has like 20 pairs and I am looking for an EASY way to clean them; she apparently wears them sometimes after walking barefoot around in the yard, in dirt, etc. and there’s an imprint of a dirty foot on them!! yeah I could always get a scrub brush, a pan of water and dishsoap etc but wondered instead if there was a lazier way? (yes, you can suggest that SHE clean them but that is very unlikely to occur)I was wondering what would happen if I threw them all in the washer on a delicate cycle?? Just thought I’d check to see if anyone else has had this dilemma :-)

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