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On, we write about the Goth. And why just today (the day I’m even going to dye my hair black no less) I discovered LA Goth Net – the premiere website for all goth-industrial bands and goings-on in Los Angeles and Orange County:

Whether you’re checking out information on a local band or figuring out where to go dancing tonight, we hope you find everything you need. We welcome you to join our Bipeds section and create your own personal profile, or to hang out on our Goth Talk message board with the other regulars. Our Calendar page gives you a monthly view of clubs each night, as well as upcoming concerts and other special events. We also feature links to popular e-zines, e-mail discussion lists, local Web sites, as well as a section to find Web sites just like LA Goth Net that serve other states & countries. If you want to know who has a local radio show or cable access TV show, check out the Radio/TV page. And finally, if you’re searching for that perfect outfit, perfect hairstyle, perfect meal, perfect music store, perfect tattoo artist, or perfect piercer, then visit our Shop section.

Image for the band L.A. Noir

One thought on “LA Goth Site”

  1. There’s also a site with forums over at – that’s mostly XianVox productions. However, since Xian and Amanda Jones DJ most of the goth events in LA, it covers a great deal of the scene.

    Unfortunately, LAGothNet isn’t really maintained anymore. The calendar is lacking in events – it doesn’t show the 7/3 party that happened at Zen Sushi, for example, although that event was promoted on It doesn’t even list Bats Day next month. is updated regularly, and has pretty lively forums, so I’d recommend that site for all events goth.

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