Fresno man eliminated as prime suspect in L.A. serial killings

A few weeks ago I wrote about a serial killer in Los Angeles, a prime suspect the police had, and how I was going to follow up with a post as to why I was certain this wasn’t the killer. Alas, last week police announced that there was no DNA match between Roger Hausman and the eleven victims of the so-called Southside Slayer.

Also on Saturday, another dead woman was found who could possibly be the twelfth known victim.

In short, a serial killer is very likely still walking the streets of Los Angeles.

Christine Pelisek at the LA Weekly has the followup:

Sixty-five-year-old Roger Hausmann, who remains in a Fresno jail on unrelated kidnapping charges, is no longer a suspect in the cases dating back to 1985. “It is definitely not Hausmann,” said Inglewood Detective Jeffrey Steinhoff. “We are back to square one.”

My theory focused on Hausman’s history of battering women, albeit the string of murders they were trying to connect him to were usually the result of single or double gunshots to the chests of black women. While serial killers may sometimes change tactics, the jump between using handguns and ones own hands is highly unlikely.

To see a map of locations bodies were found dumped by the Slayer, click here. According Christine Pelisek’s original article, The Sex Murder Files, these killings have all been linked by ballistics or DNA matches (two had been strangled).

This past Saturday, police found the body of a dead woman “in the stretch of green vegetation between the Pacific Coast Highway and Willow Street exits on the northbound 710 (Long Beach) Freeway” (source: Samantha Gonzaga, Press Telegram) . While it hasn’t been reported or suggested that this likely homicide is connected with any others (and the location is a bit further out from the other killings), this decription gave me pause:

The woman, whose name was not released Saturday, appeared to have suffered injuries that left the front of her white shirt and blue pants bloody.

The body dumping, the blood on the front of the shirt, the racial demographic of the neighborhood, so far appear to match…

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  1. Excellent write-up, David.

    I’m thinking we haven’t seen the last of this. The last of the gun, maybe. If the killer has paid any attention to recent events, he’s wrapped it with duct tape and rocks in a plastic trash bag and dropped it off a pier.

  2. this is just the kind of behavior that almost got Det. Markland kicked off the force last year, but no matter what people say about his methods. . .he always gets results. . .

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