Day! Ba! Very, very hot!

james_brown%27s_celebrity_hot_tub_party023.jpg“Sometimes it make me break out in a cold sweat!
One two three four!
Day! Ba! Very, very hot. Very hot! Da!”

-from “James Brown’s Celebrity Hot Tub Party”

Okay… so it isn’t nice hot like a hot tub, but for the past few days its certainly been “Day! Ba! Very, very hot!” (in the mid-90s where I am… I think thats in Celsius)

No blackouts that I’ve heard of today, this in spite of predicted record highs of energy usage.

The Conserve-O-Meter at California ISO shows the need to conserve power at a near peak “critical”, backing up this report from CBS:

Residents in Los Angeles face a possible Stage 1 Emergency. Stage 1, the lowest of three power emergency conditions, calls for consumers to be urged to reduce electricity use voluntarily to avoid severe conditions and resulting outages.

But while no outages have apparently hit today, I know a chunk of Hollywood lost power around noon yesterday, which I only discovered when I found the Starbucks at Whitley Heights closed due to no electricity (traffic signals were also out along Highland).

As usual, all I can say is that preparing for something as simple for a power outage makes for a great excuse to ensure you have fresh batteries and other supplies for your mandatory earthquake kit.

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  1. In the valleys and mountains we’ve been getting a little bit of RAIN too! It’s rather unusual to get rain in July.. but so far it hasnt been much more than splats on the windshield

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