Biggest Ridazz Ever?


Last week Spencer blogged about this months Midnight Ridazz. The second Friday of each month bicycle riders from all over LA meet up and take a twilight tour around the city. Each month the routes are different and each time there’s a different theme. A few of us went and by all accounts this was the biggest Ridazz ever. Counts are between 1300-1400 people. All on bikes. It was insane, and I can’t wait until next month to do it again. Eric Richardson shot some video and photos and flickr has even more. The good news is that all crime was elimiated from the city long enough that several police units and a helicopter could be spared to follow us around, well, once we got into handcock park anyway, when we were riding through downtown and along wilshire, no one seemed to care. [photo by sanserif]

5 thoughts on “Biggest Ridazz Ever?”

  1. Jeez Jeshi,

    Read it again or buy a calendar huh????

    I missed Friday’s ride but did the one in June. I tend to think that people go way over in their estimations. Last month I was putting it at somewhere close to 400 ridazz, some were swearing by 600. How is it that it went up to 1400?? Sorry Sean, I’m not buying it. But i’d love to believe it….

  2. I heard all night long from various people that it was about 3 times as big as last month, so if you say 400, that would be around 1200.

  3. I’ll buy the 1,300-1,400 range, easy. But whatever the exact figure there was no doubt this was the biggest Midnight Ridazz I’ve been on and I’ve done all but one since January.

  4. I haven’t missed one since I started last September (I still think of myself as a relative newcomer) and this was BY FAR the biggest. Makes me wonder if there’s any limit in sight.

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