A Very Short Trail of Destruction in NoHo

Friday night, I found myself sitting on a curb in NoHo, just off Burbank Boulevard, watching my boyfriend take photos of a damaged car. The car belonged to a friend of a friend, who was pacing up and down the street on his cell phone, trying to get through to the North Hollywood police to file a report of hit and run car damage. Three of us were there to help while he dealt with his insurance company, the NoHo police, and Triple-A, the hour-and-a-half process that resulted from one drunken jackass careening around the corner. Said jackass had knocked the rear wheel so far out of alignment on the car that it was touching the wheel well, at an undrivable angle.

We’d been there for almost an hour when another late twentysomething couple came up to us and asked if we had a damaged car too. We went to look at theirs, a late 70s white Camaro, the sort of muscle car that is a much-loved fashion statement as much as it is a transportation mode. And it had been hit so hard, at just the right spot on its rear left bumper, that the body panels had actually rippled slightly, and the frame was off kilter. We looked at the passenger side door, and it was a half inch out of alignment with the rest of the frame. It’s probably not fixable damage. While a misaligned wheel is certainly a pain to deal with, at least its fixable: this car was probably going to get junked.

This was just a case of some random asshat driving too fast – and/or too drunk – around the corner, and hitting two cars. The boyfriend and I walked down the street to see if he’d hit any others, or if he himself was in a smoking wreck further down, but didn’t find anything else. Still, he did a lot of damage in what was probably less than five seconds, and was either too self-centered or too loaded to take the responsibility. And now, what was probably a restored and loved car is trashed, and another car owner will spend a week in the maze of repairs and insurance. It’s amazing how much damage can be done in such a short time, to cars that we would think that, when parked, are safe from accidents.

Anyways, if anyone has any information on a DUI jerk in NoHo on Friday around 11pm, feel free to share it with me. And I suppose the moral of the story is that this guy hit parked cars – not moving ones with people in them. This could, after all, have been much worse than just car damage.

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